Sanna Azul



 Sanna was born in a small town in the Netherlands called Est.
 Modeling and acting has always been her passion, as a little girl she already
 entertained the kids in her street by performing for them and she also loved to take pictures.
 In highschool she also hosted a radioshow at a local radio station called SRC.
 She also performed in several plays when she was a teenager.
 Through circumstances Sanna stopped with all of it for a while, but when she was 21 a friend of her
 told her to start modeling again.
 He introduced her to this photographer and Sanna started to do more things again.
 Her friend unfortunatly passed away in a car accident, God bless his soul!
 But that didnt made Sanna stop doing what she loves to do and in the years after she build up her own 
 small network.

 I wanna thank everyone for viewing my site and for the love, I really appreciate it!
 God bless you!   





 1996: Performed in a play (not for tv)                                                                                                                                                                                       
 1996: Hosted a radioshow for SRC (Local radiostation in Culemborg)                                                                                      
 2004 : Danced in 2 musicvideos of Dutch rapgroup K-liber
          Songs Viben and Loungen
 2004: Extra in 2 Dutch kids movies
 2004: Extra in Dutch Rock musicvideo
 2005: Rate that VJ (TMF)
 2005: Be a moviestar (auditions)
 2005: Worked at TMF awards (Rotterdam)
 2005: Promotional modeling for clothingline Eklectik at the Vibe music Fest (ATL)
 2005: Promotional modeling for Eklectik at a carshow
 2005: Co host underground tv show (people tv) ATL
 2006: Making of a model (Ronnie Hertz) Amsterdam
 2006: Promotional modeling at Vin Diesels birthday bash (manhattan NY)
 2006: Extra in Dutch drama soap Stellenbosch, Amsterdam
 Name: Sanna Azul
 Eye Color: blue
 Skin Color: white
 Height: 5,7
 Weight: 125
 Chest: 33
 Waist: 28
 Hips: 38
 Age: 25
   Work Interest:
  • Art
  • Print
  • Runway
  • Commercial
  • Headshot
  • Video
  • Swimwear
  • Lingerie
  • Glamour
  • No nudity